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Let's Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued! Focusing on Youth Development & Community Projects.

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What We Do


— Immigration

Imaginable Immigration – The Mali Mission Project’s vision and mission focuses primarily on providing the very best Christ-centered and socio-cultural values needed to fulfill The Great Commission internationally as prescribed in Matthew 24:18 and Acts 1:8. 


— Diplomacy

Our focus in the realm of Dignified Diplomacy will remain on promoting the Prince of Peace, Christian Economic Development and Holistic Inter-Continental Trade to lift people out of poverty thus improving human conditions in all countries with a focus on the United States of America and Mali due to our existing affiliations, missionaries and church plants.


— Evangelism

MMP’s Founders have vast knowledge and experience in Creationism Outreach Directorship through highly targeted Socio-Cultural Education and Sports Evangelism programs (Soccer, Basketball and Football) for the youth and young adults.


— Autonomy

We also believe that the Body of Christ (Churches, Christ-centered Families and Individuals) must make conscious efforts to claim the promises from the Bible, not to be confused with the “Prosperity” Gospel, and God-given blessings. We believe Agronomy is a system by which people can achieve Multi-generational Financial Independence! Promoting sustainable agronomy and permaculture solutions.

VOLUNTEER Impact Stories

Jane’s Been A Migrant Worker Since She Was Just 12

“The Mali Missions Project helped me rebuild my life away from a harsh environment that took a toll on my life. I am now learning to operate my own business from home!”

A Brighter Future — For Mali’s Children

“I am growing daily in the Lord and learning how to be a productive member of society.” – Anonymous Project Participant